Los Angeles in a Neon Dream by Photographer Neil Kryszak


What a beautiful and different way to depict the City of Angels. We are used to see Los Angeles drenched in sunlight and brow-wiping heat, but gets a whimstical makeover from Neil Kryszak. As a music producer and photographer from New York now based in Los Angeles, Kryszak maintains a unique eye inspired by his own experiences when capturing his surroundings. The following images are part of his color-rich series entitled, Chromatic Experiments.

Kryszak exposed to The Plus that he has pulled much of his inspiration from cinematography, his father who is both a composer and painter as well as from his nostalgia for the urban feel of his past home in New York. Obvious from a visit to his Instagram, his works are often painted in saturated pinks, blues, reds, and purples. He captures an ornate aura of Los Angeles in his work, usually centered around its everyday landscape and cityscape. Another noteworthy aspect of Kryszak’s luminous photographs is his ability to bring out the glowing brilliance of the nighttime. While we often see the night as obscure and dim, Chromatic Experiments holds onto the mysteriousness of the night while bringing a more vibrant edge. A prime example of this is when the photographer captures what usually could be viewed as a fire escape of a dull apartment building and turns it into a glowing window portal seen beyond a dazzling staircase. If you haven’t tapped into the likes of Neil Kryszak, browse his work below and on his website.

[source: unrtd]