Nobuyoshi Araki in Los Angeles at The Little Big Man Gallery


Nobuyoshi Araki, better known under the moniker Arākī, is a living legend within the photography-art world, having pioneered contemporary street photography back in the ’60s and ’70s that would often venture into the realm erotica–and not your everyday gent’s mag level either, we’re talking the deep depths of interplay between sexual desire and dark fantasies. Now 76 years old and sadly with aging issue–after undergoing several treatments for cancer, the iconic talent has lost use of his left eye, with his right beginning to give way–the man is still purveying on with new work.

His latest photographic series, aptly entitled Tombeau Tokyo–which translates from French into “Tomb”–explores the different stages from life to death. It comprises of a series of still images that portray both lifelessness and vitality–perhaps a personal reflection from the creative himself. While many of the images present something morbid, the series doesn’t go without Arākī’s signature foray into hedonism. If you’re in Los Angeles this month and next, make sure you stop by the official exhibition of Tombeau Tokyo held at Little Big Man Gallery, and peep through a few excerpts found throughout.

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