Visionaries: Naomi Greene

There is some people you meet in life and it is an instant click! When I first met Paris-born, L.A.-based enchantress Naomi Greene in my showroom in Los Angeles, I discovered her sweet soul and positive energy. I knew I wanted to collaborate and invite her to perform during my events. Which we did, she performed twice and it was very amazing. She seems to float between worlds as deftly as she switches between harp and electric guitar. Her mystical indie-pop at once acknowledges the constraints of the corporeal while celebrating other possibilities, some of which might defy explanation. I am sharing her single “No Skin” Greene found “an epiphany about the power of vulnerability,” she says. “What does it mean to be open? What does it mean to shed your shell? Can we be weightless? How do we stay true to our authentic selves?”

The video for song is a testament to synchronicity. It was filmed in New Orleans, where Greene was working on her friend Meryl Murman’s movie “Ways of Forgetting.” With her friend’s help, performance artist and choreographer Tarren Johnson and artists from the troupe FLOCK joined in to create a netherworld of imagery, shot mostly at the Mudlark Public Theatre, run by puppeteer Pandora Gastelum. “We wanted to give a sense of fleeting realities,” Greene says, “as dreams have when they flow in and out of each other, to portray the introspective search of the lyrics in a multi-perspective collage.”

Somewhere in Greene’s episodic spasms of symbolism, you’ll find a familiar reality.